Epn Partnership Aliexpress Feedback

Aliexpress (Алиэкспресс) обзор

More recently, we have received complaints of disruptions in the payment system. We would therefore like to address you today with an official statement from the CPA ePN and, perhaps, to answer the most pressing questions.

Let's start with the ePN growing and closing we're not planning. On the contrary, we are actively developing new directions without forgetting existing ones.

However, there is, to date, a problem with the withdrawal of payment systems (Kivi, JD, etc.). What is it?
You've probably encountered the word " pay lock " on several occasions. The pay lock is our partners, the outside companies that are responsible for transferring money from us to you. I mean, at a time when you order the payment of this information to the side of the pay lock, he's already writing off the money from our accounts and entering your account. There have recently been disruptions in the operation of individual payment systems on the side of the pay lock. As a consequence, they temporarily deactivate all their clients from these payment systems without notifying them of the error. What does that have to do with our users? Payments for specific payment systems "wear" on the side of the lock or you get a misstatement.

To be honest, it is not easy to deal with this problem, because the problem itself does not arise on the side of the ePN, but the time frames for correcting the errors we call the pay locks are not always accurate.
At this point, we are trying to process erroneous payments as quickly as possible so that you can order them to other accessible exit systems (WebMoney, ePayments).
We also note that if you order a bank card payment, the rate of receipt depends on your bank (while we may have a payment as a success, your bank may not yet charge you - in which case you should wait a little longer).

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