Responses To The Partnership Programme

Tincloff Bank launched a partnership programme to attract new clients
Партнерская программа Тинькофф

Tincloff Bank is inviting the cooperation of those who are planning to open their Wall Centre. Tincoff Bank will help future partners to register a legal entity or an IP, organize work, train staff and manage results.


Within the framework of cooperation, the Bank ' s Tincloff partners will be paid for each formal application for the bank ' s product. The size of the bonus will depend on both the number of applications processed and the quality of work. Tincloff Bank will provide a working interface, a telephone, ready assignments, full information and technical support.

Stanislav Bisnuk, Operative Director, Vice-President of the Tincloff Bank Board commented: " Such cooperation is beneficial to both our partners and to the Bank ' s Tinhoff. Coll-centres will be able to fully control their earnings because they will be paid for each application. In doing so, we will support them in every phase of the work. For the Bank's Tincloff, it's an additional channel to attract clients. This is how we can attract new clients without investing resources in material values (working places, computers, etc.). However, the size of the future Wall Centre and the experience of the founders in similar areas are not important to us, the main point is the desire to cooperate with the Tincoff Bank, otherwise we will help. "

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