Use The Partnership Programme

Как пользоваться партнерской

To get a passive income in the form of partnership fees, you have to send visitors to our service through your partnership link. As soon as your references start to work as service providers or advertisers, You'll start getting a partnership pay from every assignment you've done. In order to send visitors to us, put a partnership link on your website. You can write an article about our service, his services or his services. Partnership Programme♪ You can also place a graphic banner.

Example of partnership pay allocation

Value of completed assignment: 40 p.
Service Commission (25 per cent): 10 p.
Partnerships (30 per cent) from the Commission service: 3 p.,
which are equitably distributed between the refrigerator and the perpetrator, and each receives 1.5 p.

How to form and use a partnership link

You can send visitors to any page of our website. It doesn't have to be the front page. It could be any existing page on the service. Before you place the link, you have to decide which page the visitor will find. For example, you decided on your blog to publish an article about our service and chose a news page for it, that's her reference.

In order for us to distinguish your visitors from the visitors who came from other sites, you must mark the chosen reference to your partner code. Your partner code: /p/[partner code]♪ This code should be added to your website page. As a result, following the addition of the partnership code to the page of the selected share, the following reference will be made: code]. That is the reference that should be placed in your article.

What's a tracker for what it's for?

Often, you have the task of assessing the effectiveness of a partnership reference. For example, you have two blogs, and you both wrote an article about the same stock. And partnerships with both articles lead to the same page on our website that has an address (with your partner code): code. But there's a question of how to find out which of your blogs makes you the most useful. Tracker is here to help with this task.

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