Aly Express Partnership Programme payload from the band
EPN — Официальная партнёрская

We'll set up a group in the social media on the AlyExpress product reviews.

First, I tried to set up a regular group, but I didn't go, there's a lot of these groups. Then I realized I had to pick some niche and specialize on it. I've chosen a niche "AliExpress's Apple Goods" because Chinese people don't have anything.
I'll give a few examples of my posts:

And then I was just laying out the goods, posting a fun description, putting myself on the wall, inviting friends. The group ' s attendance has increased slightly. Started on July 22th. Statistics show that there was no income at first, almost zero.

Then started using tools from AliExpress ePN, for example, there's a cuter of references Experimented, made references to AlyExpress through the cutter and the miracle! References increased 10%! And the first pro. At the same time, AlyExpress was subjected to a large sale of discounts to 50 per cent (Zamore Sale), which may have affected.

I'm showing the statue at the end of August, the picture is different (also in dollars):

First money Funding for the Partnership Programme He's got a VC commercial on the line. I've increased attendance, then Igor's other man. Worked for a while, and then evaluated the other advantages of the partner - I don't know why, but they seem like the only one who makes a direct list of the goods with the highest commission. Guys, it's just a Grabbeez. We were in the middle of a class and a key word, and we just pulled out all the supplies. 40% and housed them.

Of course, it's not the fact that the users bought it, but the cube is set for 30 days and something ends up and goes for a month, the baby drops. It ended up working around the summer. $4.00without costing anything but small costs of advertising and their time.

In general, if I wish to repeat, I can recommend the selection of a category (necessaryly narrow and at the same time required), the placement of goods from a given category in the social media and possibly on a separate website (we are thinking about) and the whole secret of success.

And work with AliExpress ePN, as there are certainly more tools and leaders in Chinese products. Besides, there's always new things going on, like a product range, and it's all up to the flow, which I'm planning.

They used to have an eBay partnership program, which was suspended, waiting to try.

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