Aliexpress Partnership Programme To Register

Epn is now official partner aliexpress
Партнёрские программы Alibaba

Previously on Blog, I was talking about a good platform, a partnership ePN (e-Commerce Partners Network), sharing my impressions and results with these guys.

I would like to write today about the significant innovations and updates that ePN and its webmasters, including me.

It is worth noting that work with a large partner eBay on the ePN site has been suspended (whether sanctions, if not). But with all the benefits of my partner, eBay, I personally had to lick a traf almost blind because I lacked basic tools.

Real-time statistics

And, oh, miracle, there's such tools that the webmaster couldn't dream of. All the favoured diplinc (deeplink) of course stayed, but plus all we have a sales record, full transparency: all orders with numbers, product references, commission interest. (All webmasters receive a commission at a rate determined by Internet store sellers, i.e. up to 50 per cent of the value of the goods.)

With such conditions as I can see, no CPA-Set/partner programme, 48 hours of delay, no transparency, no affliction, or no (I was pushed) below the profiling. It would be appropriate to include amateurs of kashbachi and who had a merchandise, since it was easy to see if the product was involved in a partnership program and decide whether to buy it or take a similar one from another seller. I understand there's a possibility of training and user tracing, and I'll be testing it soon.

Make money on your partners.

By the way, there are also all conditions for reef guides - new webmasters can already be included and 5 per cent of their confirmed income can be obtained.

In general, the possibility of stealing absolutely any traf by picking up commercials in the links to their website (as was the case with eBay) has not been lost in webmasters, but transparency, flexibility and the availability of important tools have come to light.

When and where is it better to wipe the traffic?

In addition, I was promised that the ePN would then produce the volumes of the Commission ' s size in quantitative and percentage terms, which would probably benefit from уing.

Map for gift income

The next pleasant bonus, I think it might be for the webmasters of the ePayments map (Electronic Payments Association) that ePN has included in its programme for ease of payment. Personally, this is the most convenient option for me without the commissions.

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