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PROPELLERADS - партнерка с мировым именемOne of the oldest and most reliable advertisements. Provides a picture of the commercial format, it can be both anonymous and static, usually calls on the user to act. Classic dimensions of banner advertising: 728x90px, 468x60px, 240x400px, 300x250px and many others. This section describes the partnership programmes of banner advertising, as well as partners working with the following formats.

Slider banner is a floating window, usually 300x250px in the right lower corner of the screen. The window has a closed-circuit cross when the window is blocked for 24 hours for the user. The money on the webmaster's account is credited only when the advertisement itself is clicked.

Vk-message - An ad that simulates the WContact message, classmates. It's like a message you've been sent through a famous social group, imitation is complete, it's almost impossible to distinguish.

Description: Partnership Programme PROPELLERADS works worldwide (including Russia). A large number of promotional formats, including clickunder, banners and video advertisements. Prices are quite acceptable, they pay in dollars. To date, the partner has been working with a large number of sites, such as clickunder formats, which can reach 30 million shifts per day. And for banner advertising, up to 200 million specimens, with an average CTR 2 per cent.

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Description: The most popular advertising network for these commercial formats. At least 40,000 people per day visit this partner's website! They are co-operative with the most popular sites that have chosen to use this ad format to conetize. TOP webmaster earns 20-50 roubles for 1,000 banners. All added sites undergo pre-moderation - this is encouraging) Mobile recirct format has appeared.

Rules of engagement: Highly filled sites with 500 hosts per day should receive more than 3 views per person(s) and purchase traffic from Russia and countries of Europe, America, Canada, Latin America, Asia. There will be no websites: breaking the law, flooding the viruses about online earnings. If your website hasn't been remodeled, make mistakes and send it back.

Format: Clickunder (bodyclick), Slider-banner (Adspot), classic banners (Flash), video reclames, mobile advertising and formats with the possibility of creating an online cinotheatre site from zero.

Payments: The minimum amount for payment is 25 roubles. Payments are made twice a month between 10 and 15 and 20. Payments are ordered from 1 to 9 and from 21 to 1, inclusive. They pay for wallets: WMR; WMZ; Qiwi; Yandex.

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