Partnership Programme Youtube Air

Partner program from media air on youtube
Если у вас есть свой YouTube

Form of application:
Lesson: How to apply:

My channel on Youtube / Subscribe to!
My website/ My website! ♪
How I coined my channel! ♪
My courses, lessons, development:

In my lesson, you can learn to create 2nd mulphilms, characters, and 2d animation in any stilization. Start studying from the first lesson:

Lesson 1 - Review of the Anime Studio Pro programme. We're building your first qualitative analogy:

Author of Work/Ourca: Alexander Ptickin. Founder of the website www. My project is devoted to the training of 2d characters and 2nd animation in the following programmes: Anime Studio Pro 11, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Flash (Adobe Flash (Flash)), Adobe Photoshop (ado photoshop)

Open statistics Youtube:

In this lesson, I'm talking about my partner program on youtube from the media network Air (Agency of Internet Rights), as well as about the kinds of coins, AdSense and youtube money from the advertising on your rolls.

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