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партнерская программа youtube

It's going to be a time when your channel starts to gain popularity, searches and subscribers. Looking through the scans, we're gonna need to connect a partnership program, and we're gonna offer you some partnership programs for your choice:

VSP Group - Partnership Programme VSP Group provides an opportunity to coinate your channel and to receive the YouTube Premium as part of our network.
This partner is connected under the following conditions: more than 300 subscribers on the canal and more than 5k views per month.

AIR is a reliable partner in the promotion of channels, the coining of videos and the protection of copyrights on YouTube. Working with AIR, you're becoming a partner bonus YouTube and a network of enhanced capacities and continuous maintenance.
This partner is connected under the following conditions: more than 100 subscribers on the canal and more than 3k views per month.

Quiz Group -
This partner is connected under the following conditions: more than 500 subscribers and more than 5k views per month.

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