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49% of the beinet users make a decision to purchase after watching the video on youtube
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youtube-logo-name-1920.jpgOn 1 October, Google announced the launch of YouTube Belarus, a localized version of a popular video platform that would allow Belarusian Internet users to communicate, create videos and share it on the home of The Local version of YouTube will present the most popular Belarusian video clips and offer new opportunities for talented creators of video content, bloggers, telecoms, advertisers and brands from Belarus, are considered by representatives of the company.

The Belarusians have been watching and downloading videos on the global house, creating their own video content. According to TNS research, youTube coverage in Belarus is 64 per cent of Internet users over 18 years of age. Each third watches online video as often as TV, and 27 percent goes on the platform every day. YouTube ' s Belarusian user prefers content such as music, comedy shows, children ' s content, amateur videos, video guides, and the main reasons for looking are to learn something new, find information and enjoy leisure.
" The official launch of YouTube in Belarus will enable Belarusian creators to promote their video content more effectively, not only in our country but throughout the world. Google will thus contribute to the development of Belarus ' blogosphere and will be a consultant for Belarusian viewers, whose audience is constantly growing. Today, according to our data, 49 per cent of the users of the bannet form an opinion and decide to buy something after youTube's video. We are also launching in Belarus for more productive cooperation by taxers and businesses. YouTube Partnership Programme" , commented on the launch of the local version of YouTube Natalia Korobco, Google Business Development Manager in Belarus.
Now any Belarusian user, YouTube, who creates an original content, can become a member of the YouTube Partnership Programme and activate the coins. YouTube advertises on the Partnership Programme users ' channels, and the contenters determine which videos can be coined and what to leave without advertising. Revenue from video advertising is not the only advantage of the Partnership Programme, partners also have the opportunity to expand their network audiences and monitor its effectiveness.
" One of the main tasks of YouTube in Belarus is to contribute to the creation of an original local content. To that end, we are launching a Belarusian version of YouTube and the Partnership Programme. Each creator has the opportunity to attend free online training at the Authors ' Academy, where it is possible to learn how to increase the number of subscribers and searches on its channel. We are also planning a number of offline activities for partners in Belarus. We provide more opportunities for YouTube in Belarus, and we look forward to increasing Belarusian content in world ratings, and we have described the new possibilities for Yuri Hazanov, Director of the YouTube Partnership Programme in Russia and CIS.

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