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вопросы и ответы YoutubeThe canal owner will answer questions today. To date, its Youtube site has the following indicators: 6,500 subscribers and about 1,000,000 views. Many of the questions are asked by users on the canal and on the website. Gave the most relevant and decided to answer each of them.

(1) How many subscribers do you need to start earning on Youtube?

It's weird, but it's still on the grid that there are 5,000 or 50,000 subscribers to make the canal. It's much easier in the realm. There are a number of partnership programmes that will help to monetize the channel with a minimum number of subscribers: 20, 50, 100.

In fact, youtube's fine partner needs 100 subscribers (more possibly more, in case someone writes off at the exact moment you're going to be).

(2) How much do you need to look to get your money on Youtube?

To monetize the canal (to raise money for advertising clicks in their video) it is sufficient to collect 3,000 views and to connect the channel to the partner mentioned above. It is important to note that the channel should have 100 subscribers.

These requirements vary from one partnership to another.

(3) We need to connect. Youtube partnership programme?

And now the most interesting thing. Should we connect a partnership media network on Youtube? Only if you work on the canal, explore other earning opportunities with a partner. Well, my partner brought me $500 on top.

(4) How much does Youtube pay for the look?

Youtube doesn't pay for regular reviews. There's no such thing as $1,000 on Youtube. Money is paid exclusively for commercial searches (when a person watches videos and presses advertising). On average, about $1-2 per 1,000 views, if the main audience is the CIS countries.

(5) How much do youtube pay for the followers?

To date, only the channels on which youtube pays money for subscribers is available. I think it's clear that this opportunity is available through popular channels. There's no such possibility on the paths of simple deaths.

(6) Can Youtube block the canal for a mutual subscription?

As of today, Youtube is not blocking channels for a mutual subscription, although it does not approve.

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