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Partnership programme youtube watson network
Партнерская программа youtube

Watson Network is a developing media network that provides a partnership account and pays money for video coins.

Minimum requirements:
250 views per month;
5 subscribers;
Absence of Youtube and all videos without violation of copyright;

Payment to our partners:
We give our partners 90 percent of the canal's estimated income!
Payments are made through PayPal (from strong), Western Union and bank transfers (from $125), WebMoney (from strong), QIWI (from strong), Yandex Money (from strong), Bank Card of any bank of Ukraine (from strong).
In order to connect the WebMoney, QIWI, the Money Yanks, the Bank Card, we need to contact one of the support managers after connection to the media network.

Payments are made at the beginning of the month from 7 to 12.
First payment in 1 month. Funds earned in September, you will receive from 7 to 12 November.
Cash withdrawal is automatic.

The real program... allows you to get 5% of the earnings of your enlisted channels! The funds will come to the way you choose to pay.

Access to more than 100 000 Music tracks.

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