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Frequently asked questions from partner hotels
Успешной работы!

We tried to answer all the questions you might have about participating in the hotel partnership. If you have a question about the hotel reservation process through, please read the answers to frequently asked questions.

How can an agreement be concluded with

Fill the form "please join us now!" and press "send the uniform." The application of your hotel to participate in the programme will be accepted. The next step will be the signing of a hotel agreement. To complete the procedure, you will need to download information on the Extranet.

Are registration fees charged?

We don't charge your hotel registration in Payable for the number of nights booked in your hotel through

How do I update the number of free places and prices as well as other information?

You can update the free places and tariffs online by entering the Extranet. Foreign language staff will assist you in changing content, prices and/or numbers if necessary.

How does a reservation of armouring occur?

You'll get a fax confirmation (after booking on the website).

Where and when does a guest pay for hotel services?

The guest pays at the hotel during the trip or departure. The guest shall pay the amount specified in the faxed confirmation (as indicated on

What needs to be done to get more armored through

It is necessary to offer favourable prices for numbers and sufficient free space. In addition, providing a realistic and informative hotel description with reliable photographs will help us sell your numbers. Our foreign-language staff will help you to make the best use of the site.

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