Partnership Programmes Youtube

Partnership rules
Партнерские программы youtube

YouTube partners should respect the principles of the community, the rules of coinization, the conditions of use and the rules of the AdSense programme.

Violation of these principles and rules may result in the following actions by YouTube:

  • disconnecting the announcements in your content;
  • disconnect your account of AdSense;
  • Suspension of the partnership agreement with YouTube;
  • Locking or removing the YouTube account;
  • other disciplinary measures specified in the conditions of use and other rules.

The following is a summary of the rules, but we strongly recommend that all the rules be fully read.

Respect the principles of the community

By complying with these rules, you help YouTube remain a cozy community of users and advertisers. Materials that violate the principles of the community are not allowed to coinize and are removed from YouTube. A potentially unacceptable content that does not violate the rules may be subject to age restrictions. In addition, the owner of the YouTube account, who has deployed such videos, may receive warnings and repeated violations will result in the suspension of the YouTube partnership agreement and/or the closure of the account.

Video violations

  • The naked nature or material is frankly sexual and indecent
  • Discrimination and hate speech
  • Visibility of violence or excessive slander
  • Presentation of harmful or dangerous activities in attractive light

Metadata violations

  • Incorrect or misleading badges, names, stories and video categories

Make sure you have rights to commercial use

You must have all the rights you need to coinate on YouTube. Meet the rules of cognizance. The recurrent downloading of unacceptable rollers and/or failure to provide the necessary documentation may affect the commercial use of content.

These are several basic rules of coinciation (we strongly recommend all):

This information is provided exclusively for information purposes and is not a legal recommendation. The latter can only be obtained from a lawyer or a representative of the law.

Compliance with the rules of the AdSense programme and the conditions of use of YouTube

AdSense allows YouTube partners to earn their video. To that end, the rules of the programme and the conditions of use should be followed.

Violation of these rules may lead to the removal of your videos, the disconnection of your AdSense account and/or the suspension of the YouTube partnership agreement, and the blocking of the YouTube account.

These are some of the main types of violations you can avoid, reading all the rules carefully:

Violations of announcements

  • Negative evidence on their own announcements
  • Call for bonds
  • Use of unacceptable methods to increase the number of bonds
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