Best Partnership Program Youtube

About the partnership program youtube
Лучшая партнёрская программа

YouTube ' s partnership programme allows authors to earn on their content by advertising, paying signatures and annotations. Other benefits of partnership:

  • Increase profits. YouTube is the largest community in which the authors can engage their viewers from around the world.
  • Expand the audience. The terms of the partnership programme permit the conetization of content not only on YouTube but also on other platforms.
  • Trace efficiency. Having studied YouTube Analytics reports, you will be able to optimize your announcements.

Like youTube's partner.

Partnership Programme available in more than 60 countries. Only authors who meet certain requirements can become participants. In order to know what criteria need to be met, follow the reference below. If you meet these criteria, read about how to become a partner.

Conditions for participation in the programme

To be a partner, YouTube, you need to:

Note. The magnetization may be disconnected if the following content is used in your videos without the written permission of the authors or producers:

  • Composites or fragments of musical works from which income cannot be shared;
  • Music (including cavern versions, songs and background music);
  • schedule and images (including photographs and illustrations);
  • Films or television programmes;
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