Best Partnership Programme

The moneyman partnership programme is recognized as the best in the financial market
названа лучшая партнерская

First loan to 10,000 roubles.

You're taking

28,000 roubles.

You're coming back.

Pay 1 times 2 times.

9,334 rubles.


MoneyMan received the award of the Best Finance Partnership Program at the annual partnership award and marketing awards of Race Awards 2014.

партнерская программа от MoneyMan признана лучшей The online labelling programme (Angl. affiliate program) refers to a project designed to promote goods and services online with user-specific payments (CPA* model).

MoneyMan provides an opportunity to earn money to partners attracting borrowers. Partners can use users through reference and promotional materials on the personal website or on other Internet resources. A reference can be found in the company ' s partnership program.

The company pays particular attention to the involvement of new partners in the development of its own partnership programme. Today, the company works with all the major CPA networks of Russia and its partners are over 200 webmasters. In addition to paying for customers, MoneyMan provides partners with the opportunity to participate in regular stimulus and competitions.

Вручение награды за лучшую партнерскую программуFor example, in October 2014, the company launched an action for the partners of the MoneyMan. The most active participants can win five tourist tours in Thailand in February 2015. Details of the equity rules are available on the website

“We are very pleased to receive the RACE Awards Prize, the most prestigious award on the Internet market. On a daily basis, we improve not only the services for our clients, but also the programmes for partners. The winning of the nomination is held thanks to the pool of lazy webmasters who chose to cooperate with MoneyMan. We hope to maintain our status. Best Partnership Programme In the financial market and next year " , the Director of Marketing of MoneyMan Anastasia Gnomova stated.

* SLA - (from agl. cost per action - action fee) a model of Internet reclama payment, which pays for only certain user actions on the advertising website.

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