Best Partnership Programmes

Best partnership programmes to date
Лучшие партнерские программы

Арбитраж мобильного трафика

What to draw attention to when you choose an offend.

Regional links to selected offshore♪ This can be both a country and a separate region of Russia.

rules for traffic on the offshore (many, for example, prohibit the provision of contextual branding). There is also virtually no reasoned traffic anywhere.

target audience♪ Who's gonna be interested in this app or the game we've chosen as an offer? This paragraph is very important for the next step in arbitration with mobile traffic.

We're buying off-fair commercials.

The quality of the audience is determined by the quality of the transcript source. The most popular sources of high-quality traffic are presented below. On these websites, an arbitrator (who is involved in Truck arbitrationTo act as an advertiser.

Where can you buy a mobile traffic? Main sources:

1. Banner and Tizer commercials

One of the most popular ads to attract traffic on mobile offs. You'll have to create an attractive banner or use a ready-to-reader that's available in ads for off-airs.

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