Biglion Partnership Programme Of Responses

Partnership program biglion

We invite you to participate in our Partnership Programme. You can advertise our shares. constant 10 per cent for each coupon sold*♪ The user goes to our site on a special link containing your personal identifier using the site. These data are stored in the cookies of the customer ' s browser only once (if the cookies are already available, they are rewritten). The client ' s remuneration is thus received by the partner whose link or banner has been the last one. You'll be getting a paycheck for the customer's bills that's been on your reference for the last 24 hours. Accrual of money comes after the site ends the stock you bought your reference. The partnership programme does not cover free shares and shares with a value of up to 50 rubles/140 tenge. In this case, in your Personal Office, in the section " Portner " , information on the receipt of the bill will be discerned, but there will be no accrual.

The benefits of our partnership programme

  • We pay a good partnership fee;
  • You can participate in the Partnership Programme without your own website;
  • We provide you with the necessary promotional materials to attract clients;
  • You can get a partnership fee at any time;
  • The minimum amount for cash withdrawal is only 300 roubles 850 tenge;
  • You advertise very competitive shares.

In order to participate in the partnership programme, it is necessary to register and accept conditions in the Personal Office. Partnership Programme♪ Start making money with Biglion now!

The Biglion GS reserves the right to change conditions unilaterally. The Regulation may be amended without prior notice to the perpetrator.

* not more than 250 rubles/700 tenge from each bill;
Remuneration is paid only for the purchase of the User, which is paid by real cash;
Remuneration, cash paid in bonuses (bonnets) is not paid;

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