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Multi-channel networks
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Signature of contract with ISS

If you're going to join the ISS, remember that the contract you sign with the network is a legally binding agreement. Therefore, before the final decision, we advise the lawyer.

Before signing an agreement with the ISS, see if it specifies the following:

  • How much is the multi-channel network.
  • What support the ISS will be and what actions will be taken to develop your channel.
  • What will your commitments to the network be?
  • How long will the agreement last.
  • How to dissolve the contract.
Revenue characteristics

When you join the multi-channel network, the income-generating process will change a little: they will come from the ISS account to AdSense. ISS will have access to your income data on YouTube Analytics.

To help you increase your income, some multi-channel networks offer sponsorship agreements with brands or, for example, cooperation with sales professionals. If your ISS makes such proposals, make sure they're in the agreement.

Can ISS help remove the violation?

ISS representatives help to withdraw complaints of copyright violations or, for example, to challenge requests for the removal of content. However, they cannot prevent new warnings.♪ If you violate YouTube, it always has consequences. Participation in the ISS is not helping.

More specifically, what warnings are issued and how to avoid them, read at the Centre for Rules and Security and at the Centre for the Defence of Copyrights.

How to get out of the ISS.

If you have fulfilled all the obligations that are set out in the treaty, and you want to end the partnership with the multi-channel network, go into the status and function section of the Court of Justice and press. Request a disengagement.

How to find a reliable ISS.

A multi-channel agreement can be concluded without danger if:

  • Its proposals do not resemble spam and contain only reliable information.
  • The agreement provides for all services that the ISS undertakes to provide.
  • ISS representatives are being honest and open.
  • The procedure for the adoption and removal of channels is not violated.
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