Outreach Partnership Programme

Monetization of the video content on the utube

Monetization of the video content on the utube

It has been over two years (since April 2012), as a partner in the utube, she has opened her capacity to us along with other countries where the programme has already worked well at that time. There are still restrictions on certain functions, but in general, this is a complete way of coining the channel.

What a partner in the utub.

In principle, the proposed utubus is a partnership programme. There are only different ways to connect to it and how to further interact, namely, directly or through intermediaries. Both options have their pros and cons. But first, we'll figure out what the partner in the utubus is, how much the partners pay and what.

Hutube partner: principle of action

ютубCoitus Partnership Programme - It's, in the first place, the monetization of the channel's trajectory by showing the videos and the scout pages. The system pays 68 per cent of total income. The final value of the announcements is determined by their subject and type, as well as by the category of video.

Its popularity is not the latest in the profitability of the channel (the number of viewers, comments, subscribers, etc.). Among other things, this parameter affects the formation of a bulletin board - the reservation and advertising. And we know that not all announcements are worth the same.
Advertising is selected automatically through Google ' s prophecy technology, which allows for the most relevant announcements (for target audience). Services such as DoubleClick, AdSense et al. participate in the selection.

стоимость объявленийAdvertisement forms

Five types of advertisements (pronals) are used in the rub:

  • Media advertising
  • In-video
  • Standard announcements In-Stream

You need to be self-appointed, which format will be used on the channel (possibly all). Each one of them is displayed in a certain place and has its nuances. Advertising the trueView In-Stream format is allowed to be demonstrated before, during or after the reproducing of the main roller and, if desired, the viewer is able to miss it. Standard In-Stream announcements show the same way, but without the possibility of closing them. In-Video revering advertisements are transparent announcements in the lower part of the video. They're clickable, different from the two previous types.

TrueView In-Stream indisplay in stream партнерка
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