Catalogue Of Commodity Partnerships

Каталог партнерских программ

Our partnership catalogue has brought together the best commercials in the industry - Euros, Connect, Qulle, Lamoda, Coupip, etc. We can offer you not only interest in the sales of the advertiser, but also a partnership program that pays for ordering, completing the form and registration at the club/service. We also actively use proscodes in the work, which greatly increases the audience ' s interest in the final product.

TradeTracker ' s list of partnership programmes is updated daily.

To automate the work, we provide product and coupon xml-fides that are up to " daily " . XML-Fid is a table that consistently provides data on goods/buys. Because the fodders themselves are on our servers, the webmaster receives a simple, ready code that transmits relevant data on store products.

Using our roll partner catalogue, working with the platform's advertisers, you get not only a large and reliable adverter, but you also have the opportunity to work with the overseas offshores of 17 countries!

It is also a great advantage to take money into account and electronic wallets around the world.

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