Partnerships For Ukraine

Summary of partnerships (programmes) in Ukraine

Only a couple of years ago, there was no qualitative domestic partnership in Ukraine, a few of them now. In this publication, I will provide an overview of the partnership programmes that can be used effectively to monetize the Ukrainian trajectory (According: some references in the publications are relevant, if you do not wish to move them, they are available in a net form at the end of the article).

Now, let's start:

Ukrainian Partnership Network, which focuses on increasing the number of high-quality web-based stores and online relays.


  • Availability of interesting partnerships from large Internet stores;
  • Good technical support, XML hydes of Admitad format;
  • Development of the coupon (when the webmaster can move the coupons on the discount);
  • Quality system of analysts;
  • Availability of a programme of reference;

- Ukrainian partnership network, with a large number of different offshores. There is no specificity in partnerships. Offers on play, medicine, information, financial products and many others.

  • The variety of proposals, which broadens the choice for a webmaster.
  • Open API on proposals;
  • Webmaster motivation system: bonuses, prizes.

- Ukraine ' s first partnership programme, which specializes in the provision of financial surpluses. Payment is made for correctly completed credit and credit card applications.

Its main advantages are:

  • A large set of materials, ranging from partnerships and banners to visions and videos.
  • The broad choice of bank proposals, and as a consequence, it is more likely that the application to be filled from your source will be correct (this system automatically determines to which bank the application can be sent, and if it does not meet the requirements of the offshore of one bank, then departs to another more appropriate);
  • Comparable value for application up to 28 Hrv (112 roubles);
  • Qualitative landing pages (lenings) contributing to the high converting of visitors (especially useful for those who seek earnings on the market) non-partner programme The availability of a site);
  • Continuous cost increases for corrective bids, personal bonuses for volumes are expected;
  • Referential programme: 5 per cent;
  • Timeliness of payments and friendly support services.
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