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Partner rees46 from within: as advertisers move and shops earn
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01So, what's an online-circine platform? Without exaggeration, this is our revolution, which reverses the customary notion of " moving goods through online stores " to the head. There's no English on the Russian market.

What's her point? Product producers (brendas) are provided with a tool to launch and coordinate long-distance publicity campaigns, medium and small online relay. The product automatically goes to the " best shelves " of such stores, in the clusters of product recommendations, and is placed at the forefront. So the brand only interacts with one instrument, with thousands of stores involved in the promotion. Automatic.

02What about personal recommendations? That's the whole thing. The actual marketing of the goods is as relevant to the user ' s interests as possible. The new Braun electric razor model will not see each customer, but only the one whose virtual profile speaks to the recommendatory system: " I'm a man, I'm 45, and I've been interested in electrified on other sites. " Thus, the platform kills two borrowers: (1) economizes the advertising budget, showing only the maximum target audience (2) delivers quality recommendations with a high probability of conversion to a shop.

Why is there a demand for the platform? Manufacturers need to move their products.05 They make contracts with rhythling networks and large Internet stores to put their goods on the shelves. But there remain small and medium-sized Internet stores, working with them means spending weeks with every one of them. And the small online relay is 70 per cent of all e-commerce, a small piece that everyone has long wanted to reach.

What exactly do I get if I'm an advertiser? Record, buy a bag of clicks. Set up an advertising campaign: price for clicks, minimum price restrictions, select a financial model (due to CPC default). The following are your shops, the ones you want to move.

Starting. Monitor the overall effectiveness of the campaign: ordinary and recommended purchases classified at individual stores.

In your private office, you're tracking the efficiency of the channels: if you need to, you turn it off, turn it on.

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