Partnership Programme For The Sale Of Tickets

Партнерская программа по's partner program is the simplest way to get extra income from your website.

You're placing the airline tickets, daily bills and hotels on your website, and you're getting a commission for all your customers' orders.

Participating in a partnership programme will help increase income, improve the efficiency of the use of your site and make it more useful and interesting to visitors.

Who could be our partner?

  • Thematic sites on travel and recreation.
  • Weather forecasting services.
  • The tourists' networks.
  • Urban and regional portals.
  • Portals of a different subject with at least 1,000 unique visitors per day.

The benefits of our partner program are:

  • Your commission is growing with the number of orders;
  • We take into account the " demand-driven " factor (for 30 days after the last transition, the client is identified as " vash " );
  • You can track the number of moves, orders and commissions in the comfortable personal office of the partner;
  • It's possible to design a page for your corporate style.
  • A very good percentage of the board, both on air and daily bills and on hotels.

How does that work?

The interface is simple and convenient, optimal for most partners.

  • You place on your website special references, tizers of relevant airlines, or a search and reservation form for air tickets, hotels and daily bills in the form of iFrame;
  • The visitor selects destinations and travel dates;
  • Request is processed in our reservation systems. The choices are available to the client on;
  • The client shall make and pay the order;
  • You get a commission.


Statistical information on the moves from your website and the purchases of your visitors can be checked on-line in your private office. Information is available on the size of your commission, the number of cancelled and paid orders.

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