Partnership Programmes For The Website

3 major incomes on the website and partnerships

zarabotokRevenue on the Internet, or more specifically one of its industries, is the coinization of the site. That's what I'll try to bring to you, dear readers! This article will be useful to those who have websites without any commercial subcontract, i.e. any kind of information websites (no Internet stores or customer attraction sites).

As strange as it may sound, it's been a long time, and even now it's been possible to make a very useless website for the visitor and, of course, it couldn't last long. I want you to be sent to create a user-friendly site, which means a site visited that will give you well-deserved profits. I mean, we're gonna push away from the fact that the money doesn't bring the website itself, but its customers. The topic of the site, attendance, visitors ' activity, sales advertisements/products - parameters that affect profits.

In any case, the site is an advertising site. On your website, you can place the ad, and in return you can get the profit.

In order to understand what is at stake here, let us consider the main ways to coinate information sites:

1. Context advertising

If you're in charge of finding Yandex or Google any kind of request, for example, the Webwork, you're probably gonna get a thematic advertisement, that's the context commercial.

yandex directTo date, this type of advertising is the most effective for both advertisers and advertisements. For the purpose of earning, the owners of the websites seem to be able to enter the Yandex advertising networks. Director and...

Of course, your site should meet certain requirements (not violating RF legislation and Yandex. Dirkt/Google AdSense policy). These requirements may differ. For example, Yandex. Direct accepts sites with a minimum attendance of 300 people, and Google AdSense does not impose such restrictions. Before you choose your service, check your website for compliance.

What are they paying for? To advertising clicks. The click price varies according to many parameters and can reach 200 rubs per click.

2. Banner commercial. Graphic advertising

Under certain circumstances, this type of advertisement may not be less profitable for owners ' sites. The requirements for websites are much lower and the starting point is easier to pass.

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