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Mytoys Toys' partner program
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Партнерская программа магазина игрушек myToysAssess the huge range of goods for over 12,000 items, 158 known brands, among which are LEGO, Fisher Price, Hasbro, Mattel, TINY LOVE, Chicco, Smoby, TAF TOYS and others. Goods are systematized and posted on pages with bright photographs and detailed descriptions. So it's very easy to do shopping at the store.

I'm trying to offer the lowest prices so that the shopping is not only pleasant but also profitable.
An integral part of the company ' s philosophy is a high level of product, working either directly with child toy producers or with major toy importers on the Russian market, offering only quality and certified toys safe for your child.
Delivery of orders takes place at any point in Russia on attractive tariffs. The amount of delivery does not depend on the number of goods ordered. Delivery is carried out by Russia ' s mail to any locality in Russia or by the DHL Global Mail courier service.

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