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When you go to any store, you're doing a whole lot in a reference environment where every product you buy is a real income, which is distributed from the store and (not) the final producer, and between the sellers, workers, suppliers, etc., from the longest levels of interrelationship... well, let's say, to the past, to the oil refinery, that's the product that's priced.

qwertyPAY provides you with fair revenues, relative to the whole range of refrigeration and its overall trade.

qwertyPAY structure the entire relationship from any person already in it. It creates you a total association of people in your endless network of some people involved: you, your product, your buyer, your associates, their partners, their partners, their partners, their shareholders, their earnings, their purchases, recommendations and any sale of their goods, or even their products, not from your network.

Our products are connected to the 8th level program as well as + scores from any level (Fallows may also bring any goods from sellers) (degrees) Binary System, where 90 or 900 points are accumulated (binar symmetry) - Additional income from $8 or $100, respectively. The balls come from all the depths of your reference relationship + from the work of the parent partners, which, by designing their structure, shapes your structure, too.

The more the refers in your network (also with their reference networks) - the more the purchases of the goods you instantly earn refer money and, more often, the purchases of our products or products of sellers that they're willing to pay off the payroll plus (PLUS) checks, which brings you + points at any level (e.g. 88260 and their accumulation)

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450 Thousands per month.
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