Apishops (apishops) review, feedback on how to earn
группе в контакте отзывы

ApiShops is a whole e-commerce service line with a webmaster partnership programme. It appeared in 2011 and invites webmasters to earn money on the establishment of highly specialized partnerships.

Apishops is much more profitable than Internet-based magazine partnerships, thanks to high reliability (serving for three years), transparent statistics and phone records. For example, when someone orders on the phone, the operator asks the client for a unique articulation of the product that is on the very page of the product. Thus, 100 per cent of the orders issued on the telephone are counted to the partner.

The project helps Internet store owners reduce the volume of routine work and save time and resources. In addition, it is possible to control the marketing in several social media outlets from the Single Window, to set up and manage several companies in the Direqta and Adwords, to computerize the use of low-cost traffic on the site, to manage the Yandex Marquet rates by product and time of day, and to monitor the daily budget.

Apishops includes several services combined with one interface:

∙ Commodity partnership. Makes it possible to create their own Internet stores and to earn interest in sales.

• Services to automate the context advertising in Yandex Directe and Google Adwords. Conditional and free (restrictions on the number of free announcements).

● - Automating the Yandex Market rates.

• Assistance in filling the Internet store with content: product descriptions, feedbacks, characteristics. Seo-texts are generated automatically and available to roll instantly. Writings and feedback are on order.

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