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Review of best casino partners
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The commissions range from 40 to 60 per cent of income. The negative balance is maintained at each reporting period. Declared casino-Argo-Casino, ZigZag, GrandCasinoCrystal. Payments once a month from 1 to 15 times.

1. High transposition of traffic.

2. Weekly payments!

3. Minimum payment of only $1

4. 40 to 50 per cent of each deposit!

Game-Partner pays 50% of profits. This partnership program works with the Golden Star casino and RuAzart. Payments are made once a week on WebMoney and Yandex. The minimum amount is 1,000 roubles

Profitco - Pays 50 per cent of profits, 30 per cent of deposits or receives a fixed fee for SRA. It's 7 days to Tuesdays on Qiwi, Money Index, Webmoney, Visa and Mastercard. Works with the Multi Gaminator Club casino, LuxorSlots, Volcano and CasinoSlava.

Azartcash - proposes to earn up to 30 per cent of deposits and 50 per cent of profits from its partners. There's a CPA program in which you'll get up to $100 for a player's registration. Also, the hydraulic programme, where the profits are not only for registration, but also for income over time. This partner's coded brands: AzartPlay, SlotVoyager, Admiral and FrankCasino. The referal can bring up to 5%.

- RevShare up to 60 percent. Payments once a month on the 15th. Declared casino - Vulcan, Jackpot, Drive casino and Super Slots

Luckypartners. Best Partnership Programme Casino to date. She represents casinos like Va-Bank and Bestforplay. You'll get 50% of the casino's income or 30% of the players' deposit. To get the White-Label, you need to write back and tell me about the marketing plan.

Affiliya offers various opportunities to its partners. Make 25 to 55 per cent of casino income. In order to cash money, you just need to earn 20 me. It is possible to release through any, convenient, payment system from 1 to 10 times each month. You have 24-hour support for Skype.

PoshFriends - there's an opportunity to earn 50 percent. The withdrawal takes about 15 calendar days. To get your first money, we need $20. In a month, you may order one untimely payment that you will receive within 72 hours.

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