Web-Based Partnerships

Prosto doesn't always have the opportunity to open your Internet store and run your own business, but it's real, especially if you have a website or a blog
Как заработать на Глопарт?

In my article entitled " Five ways of earning on the Internet site " , I described the most popular and universal means of obtaining income from the site or blog: banner advertising, contextual and shorter advertising, the sale of references and the placement of articles. In the same article, I would like to mention another fairly popular way of earning the Internet, Internet-based magazine or website partnerships. In Ukraine, this method of earning is not as advanced as in Russia or the West, but fortunately, the situation is changing and the number of partnership programmes is constantly increasing.

In its essence, any partnership programme envisages a form of cooperation between the seller and partners. Partners are paid in the form of a bonus, interest or fixed amount for an action. For example, the purchase of goods, the filling of uniforms, visits to certain pages and others. In general, partnership programmes create Internet stores or Internet service charges to increase sales and incomes.

In practice, participation in the partnership programme takes place in this manner:

  • The choice of a partnership programme is important that the partnership programme be well-referred on the Internet and the programme owners effectively pay a partnership fee;
  • Examine the modalities and working rules of the selected partnership programme;
  • registration in the system;
  • The selection of the format of materials (banners, tysers, reference references) that will be used for the promotion of Internet stores;
  • Installation of materials on the site;
  • Revenue from the partnership programme: Webmoney, plastic card, remittances, etc.

Naturally, in order to maximize income from partnership programmes, it is necessary that:

  • Your site has a certain level of attendance, and it is desirable that visitors be of quality and purpose;
  • The subject of the partnership programmes was close to your website;
  • The partner's material was in the best place on your website.

I propose below a list of the partnership programmes of the Ukrainian Internet stores and services that I have been able to find through search systems on the request of “partner programmes”, “partner shopping”, etc. The subject of the partnership programmes is broad enough, so I am sure that many Ukrainian website owners will be able to find additional sources of income for themselves. Also, if you have information on the partnership programmes that have not been on the list, leave a comment to this article, we will necessarily add.

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