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показатели заработка (микростоки)Five to six years ago, we had a new fashion in our blogs. The bloggers then found out about the source of income just before, the sale of their photos and sketches through the microstops, and they wrote a lot about it, and the most vigorously tried their forces in this field.

Microsoft (other names are photobank, photobierge, photostock, flow) is a service that ensures the multiple sale of its work. The rate in these services is precisely multiplied by low prices for each particular job. Buyers are happy to pay small money for copyrighted images.

With a new craft, many (including me) quickly realized that everything was not as simple as it seemed. Not everyone's been through a test without which they couldn't get to work. Many did not have sufficient skills in the photograph, and they had to learn. And someone lacked time or patience to get their portfolio back to new work. As hard as you can, the first condition for a successful job has been and remains difficult.

You could've written about it, and there's no way the microwaves went. They live and prosper.

Those who passed the first tests and stayed on the subject didn't regret it. Microstoves are an excellent opportunity to gain permanent income from multiple, day-to-day, weekly sale of the same images. If you catch a wave, you'll be on it for a long time. :

Well, it's interesting and potential.


Let's talk about the partnership. It is additional for flowers, but it can be very prominent in their incomes. By the way, there's no such thing as a counter-binder, i.e. not to house their work, but only to invite photographers/leafers and buyers.

Conditions partnership programmes different micro-stocks can be very different. The main problem is that some services pay a commission to download the refers for a limited time from the time they are registered. I think it's unfair. Only the author will really taste it, only design a big portfolio, only his work starts to sell well, how they stop you from paying the ref.

I therefore recommend not to be dispersed, but to focus on the two best runs - Shutterstock and Fotolia. He was always the leader of everything, especially in sales. He and the partnership pays longer than others, within two years of the registration of the author you invited. I can say clearly, with Shatter, I've occasionally received happy reports of another transfer and no other outlets. The money earned, by the way, comes to my account in the payment system (formerly the MoneyBookers), which I recommend.
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