Internet Partnership

How do we start from scratch?
партнёрские программы

You decided to start your own business, but you don't know where to start? There's a lot of ideas, but there's no capital for them? Try a partnership program, it's a kind of low-life business: you don't need outstanding creative abilities or large capital:

All you need is people who will be interested in your offer.

Many of the goods sold are simply "in line" they are not a product of a trained and gifted person. So you can make good money without inventing anything new.

Partner programs have almost everyone who advertises for, uh, non-profile activities. These are, for example, major airlines, travel agencies, software producers, and just shops. Among them are brands known as Microsoft, Tez Tour, Aviasales, VMWare, Lamoda.

We'll see if we can get into business on the example of the party's clothing program. Of course, it's more women's partner programmes, but they're both the simplest ones, and you're just gonna find yourself a host. Partnership Programmethat the local market recognize its products as fashionable and therefore valuable.

The overall work pattern of the partnership programme is as follows:

  1. You find a suitable partner program for you;
  2. Read her terms carefully. Give particular attention to the following paragraphs:
  • a. We'll have both the profits and the type of action you'll get. This may be purchase, call, registration or any other action;
  • b. Availability of engaging their own partners (so-called second-level partners) and what will be your share of their incomes;
  • c. Method of payment: type of payroll system used, dates, minimum withdrawal.
  • Record in the partner, following the procedure described in the rules. All documents should be issued at this stage, if required by the rules;
  • You're making a special reference, called reference. From now on, all the buyers that have moved on will bring you income.

So your job is to spread the link, to ask as many people as possible. In fact, it could be banners and youTube and "paper" Announcements, publications in forums or other subject-matter sites are all that is enough of your fantasy.

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