How To Earn Aliexpress

Basic information
Как заработать на партнерской

To buy a thing, you don't have to stand in line or go down the market. It's only enough to make a few clicks on the Internet store site, and you'll have the necessary stuff.

It's not necessary to create an Internet store to sell goods. It is sufficient to have a site visited and to participate in a partnership programme, getting a share of the sale of large Internet business players.

Thus, all that has to be done by the owner of a popular web resource to generate income is to find a partner with the most advantageous conditions. This article will be considered AliExpress as one possible option:

AliExpress is an online site that belongs to a Chinese giant of electronic commerce Aliba Group. AliExpress specializes in retailing a variety of goods. China has earned its reputation as a high-value producers. Of course, buying Chinese goods in the Chinese store is much better than paying foreign distributors.

To sell on the Internet, it is certainly necessary to have a website. provides users with the opportunity to provide sufficient guidance in the variety of products offered:

However, one resource is lacking to attract a sufficient number of people. That is why there are partnerships.

AliExpress proposes to be registered in an official partner:

The essence of cooperation is simple: by registering, you're placing an Internet store advertisement on your website. If a visitor of your resource went through a partnership link to the AliExpress site and purchased.30 days after transitionYou get a reward from 3 to 50 percent of the commission. It is remarkable that, unlike EBay for example, partners receive money only after the order has been confirmed.

Benefits and disadvantages

Perfect way of earningEven on the Internet.No. They'll always find their pros and cons. For starters, we'll look at the positive side of cooperation with AlyExpress:

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