How To Earn Aliexpress Official Partnership

How to earn alimespress and their formal partnership
Как заработать на Aliexpress

личный кабинет aliexpressHello, esteemed blog readers.

I want to share another way of earning on the Internet without money. As you know from my previous articles, except for the blog, I'm developing on a few more Internet projects.

One of these projects is social media groups, namely, in the Connect. Because the subscriptions in these groups are not long enough, nobody's gonna buy commercials. That's why I've decided to somehow coinate the groups in the Contact, selling Chinese products from the website through the Alyxpress software.

Site AliExpress has long proven himself a salesman of very cheap Chinese goods. We're booking different electronics, accessories and travel stuff. To be honest, the quality of the goods is nothing different from what they sell in supermarkets, and it's worth 3-4 times cheaper. That's the price difference, but it's a little late.

создание ссылки aliexpressFirst thing I want to say, How to make money on aliexpresssimply advertising goods in their social networks and other resources.

AliExpress Partner Programme

AliExpress ' s partner makes it possible to earn between 1 and 45% of the sum of each product sold. To start earning, we need to register on AliExpress's official website.

Press the picture (you're gonna hit the E-commerce site) and get a regular registration:

At first, it seems like it's complicated, but I've learned to make a product anonna in a minute. The only minus of the alixpress partner is that millions of different products are on the website and each needs a separate partnership link. So that the buyer, interested in a particular product, moves straight to his page.

How to work with Ali Express's partner program.

After you register, you'll have access to the partner's personal office. Come on in. Tools and create one DeepLink that we'll work with.

Through DeepLink, it is more convenient to work with a large number of products than through the Monterey Reference.

When you create a new DeepLink, go down in the Instruction section until the My Creatives are invested and select the instrument. Then you can only work with that window. To generate and reduce partnerships, you press the DeepLink button.

Put the next URL address here with AliExpress and generate the code, and then you cut it down so it won't be huge. The reduced code is inserted underneath the BContact product anon.

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