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Alibaba group in roses: how to start working with a Chinese giant

Ilya Petrov, FIX group

How did that happen?

Our company is a relatively new player in the Russian affiliate (partner) market. At the same time, we have long and successful work with a foreign market, and we have a number of large-scale, high-value projects targeting the West, most of which have always raised the question of earning, not only the production of traffic but also its cognitiveness.

Despite the fact that we have a lot of experience in the search optimization, we are not doing the client SEO at this point. But we are actively helping with SEO major strategic partners. This was also the case with the " partner programme " . Priority is to help the major partners that eBay Russia was and is now. In view of the fact that eBay wanted to test itself again in a partnership niche in Russia, a large and flexible platform had to be established sufficiently quickly. Strategically, it was interesting for us to integrate with eBay Partners Network and work not only on Russia (plans have not yet been sold), so we started, integrated with partners in the Russian market, made a series of tests, tried to increase volume. Regrettably, the lack of eBay procurement confirmation tools had led to the suspension of the partnership programme, as the continuation of the project was not interesting for both sides without the tools of the training.

Party with Aliba Group

Now, with the platform already built, we have offered the cooperation of the Aliba Group, which has all these tools and which has an " honorary " affiliate. Again, from a strategic point of view, this is interesting because Aliba works in an international rather than just a Russian market. But we started with Russia.

One of the main marketing tools used by AliBaba Group for most of its products, be it the B2B-patform, the iTao social network or the AliExpress retail hypermarket, is the CPA-model for transhipment.

AliExpress ' s focus is a partnership programme which is aimed at attracting potential buyers to AliExpress. AliExpress launched a partnership programme in Russia in 2013. This has greatly accelerated the growth of the monthly AliExpress site, from 3, 1 million people immediately following the launch of the programme to 12, 4 million by the end of 2013. Every month, AliExpress, as part of the partnership programme, pays more than $5 million to webmasters attracting traffic.

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