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Different specimen vps - update
Just before the new year, I gave Habr my virtual server search service for the VPS. Over the past two months, a number of changes have been made on the website, including the expansion of the list of parameters for a more convenient selection and comparison of servers I will tell today.

The first and most significant innovation is the emergence of new search parameters and the possibility of choosing several items simultaneously.

  • Type of hard drive (sata, sas, ssd)
  • Operating systems that can be installed on a virtual server
  • Methods of payment that hosts support
  • Free server control panel (ISPmanager, cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk Panel)
  • Type of administration in the VPS kit
  • IPv6 support capacity

Two new sorting procedures have also emerged: the price ratio to the volume of the disc and the price to the number of operational memory. Thus, a tariff with the cheapest disc or the cheapest memory can be found quickly if the other parameters are not so important.

I'll tell you more about each of the new parameters:

Type of hard drive

Three checkboxes are proposed for selection: SATA, SAS and SSD. Thus, tariffs with the fastest discs (SSD) can be selected or more rooms for less money. The system takes into account that the hoster can use SSD disk for the hanging. In any case, if the mouse is to be subtracted to the volume of the RC in the table of tariffs, the type of disc system will be shown.

Operating systems that can be installed on VPS

A fairly large list of LSD Linux is available for selection, as well as Windows and FreeBSD or ISO image installation. The idea was to divide the versions (e.g. Windows Server 2008 and Server 2012), but eventually it was not realized, as most often the host offers any version.
Если подвести мышку к типу виртуализации, то появится всплывающая подсказка со всеми возможными ОС для этого тарифа.
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