Best Partnerships Without Investment

Internet earnings without investment
партнерские программы

Participation in the most profitable partners is one of the promising incomes on the website. It does not require permanent employment and can be both basic and supplementary income. Partnership programmes are a form of business cooperation between the seller of services or goods and the intermediary that attracts buyers by earning money on their trade. In fact, it's an Internet dealership. Among the most advantageous are the partnership programme of the LovePlanet. You can be part of it if you own one or more web-based Russians with an audience of active users.

Record and start earning today!

What is needed to become a party
LovePlanet's profitable partner?

If you want to join one of the best. Web site partnerships Acquaintances for earnings need to be registered by adopting the terms of the agreement. The reference to " LovePlanet " should be placed on its Internet resources or in its annex. Users who move on to dating sites will bring you income. The more you're attracted to LovePlanet and the more they're going to be, the bigger it will be.

Your money from your online partner.
The dating sites will:

  • Interest on all paid services used by LovePlanet participants at reference (50 per cent). The Partnership Programme offers a number of such services. They're very demanding because they're expanding the ability of the willing to meet. For example, by paying a certain amount, the user raises his ranking profile.
  • Funds allocated for each validated questionnaire registered on the dating site by those who came from your resource (up to 38 roubles per unit). The amount of payments depends on the tariff you have chosen from the options we have proposed: " Active " , " Ordinary " .
  • Money, ios traffic. We are willing to pay for your mobile users on favourable tariffs.
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