What A Partnership Program Is Better

Best partnership program for social media!
Какая партнёрская программа

We sincerely believe that our users are no less creative than any high-paid advertising manager and should be able to earn the money!

In short, we'll pay you for advising the service you like.

How does that work?

Each partner has a personal identifier (example: ?ref=0000), which can be added to any reference to our service.

When a new user passes this reference, he's registered for a partner, becomes his REFERAL.

For example, who moves on the back and registers will be registered for a partner with an identifier?ref=0000.

How much will I make?

50% of the amount earned by your references.

When your reference runs the mission, you get a score of 50 per cent of the amount it earns.
Don't worry about your reference-- he'll get 100% of the value of the assignment, your 50% is our bonus for you!

50% the amount of your reefs.

When your referee replenishes the balance through the buying of the scores, your account is allocated 50 per cent of that amount.

How do I start?

  1. Copy your sorcerer link or use the promotional materials.
  2. Tell other people about our service using your reference:
    • Write an article on why you use the service and place it on your blog, website, group or page on the social network;
    • Put the banner on your website;
    • Just send messages to your friends through the skip, viber or mail;

As you can see, it's really simple!

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