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ad1CPA AD1 is one of the largest and most popular RU-Net networks. A huge number of advertisers, hundreds of interesting outlets that can be earned. In addition to the usual reference advertisements and rotators, AD1 offers whole modules for popular CMS: DLE, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and others.

AD1 is a tool for starting a CPA specialist. It allows a webmaster to use traffic from social media, dorves and arbitration. I mean, anyone who already has a source of free or paid traffic can start earning. To do so, we'll need to get a quick registration on the website, point out our transcript source, and start work.

Adds to work with AD1:
♪ Continuous advertising, weekly new work proposals. You'll be able to use your transcript as efficiently and specifically as possible.
♪ Any kind of traffic will fit for work.Leadtrade Now the starting webmaster won't have to retrieve his website or audience for a long time.
♪ Detailed statistics are absolutely all actions.
♪ More than 10 advertisements.
♪ 24-hour and responsive support service. Useful advice, recommendations on work, issues and technical issues.
♪ The ability to exact a rotator for his resource.
♪ Special modules with detailed instructions for popular CMSs.
♪ The reference program is 5% of their income.

AdmitadThe AD1 Partnership Programme has assembled advertisers who pay the webmaster for useful actions. The most popular action is the ordering, application and registration. CPA partner AD1 offers webmasters various topics ranging from auto, construction, entertainment to online games, electrical equipment and other Internet products.

It means that whatever the subject matter of your resource, or the instrument you're attracting to the main traffic, you can find yourself a suitable proposal. This factor needs to be valued and used correctly. For example, when you have a man's portal with a male auditor, why would you propose a means to degrade women? A man's audience needs to offer something appropriate. Partnership Programme AD1 is ready to offer a suitable advertiser and his product/service/service. You'll be able to convert your traffic as efficiently as possible to the right area.

Minimum payment is 800 roubles. Automatic payment through a known WebMoney. Just give me the number of your wallet, raise the minimum amount for payment, and order the conclusion. The first withdrawal of money in the new CPA partner will be a great incentive for active further work.

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