2016 Best Partner Programmes

A list of best partnership programmes for money without a Web site for starters in 2016:
Партнерские программы

On the Internet, things are changing rapidly, new partnership programmes for earnings are emerging, old ones are going into trouble (some continue to work so far). Some of them do not require a site for profit, but for others it is necessary. I've made a small list of some new (and not just) and the best (in my view) partners who won't need any money from you. I'm working with them myself, I've got the money out on several occasions, for starters to earn on the Internet, just once!

List of the best partner programmes No Internet launch site in 2016:

♪ Compared to a new one to make all Internet users with computers and Internet access. To register, to install a flamear (extension) on its browser (Opera, Google Chrome, Mosilla Firefox, Yandex Brauser). Thereafter, advertisements will be displayed in the upper part of your browser and the timer of the reverse count (from 15 seconds and above), after which your balance will be paid (not necessarily by banners). Also, depending on your activity, the system has a rating above it, the higher the earnings. The money-making machine is 10 rubles.

♪ The next partner on the list is not a new one, but it's safe and time-tested. It's possible to make online advertising letters, surfing, assignments, re-selling. This is where you can arrange your email. You don't make much money on the reading of letters (which can be real and unreadable) and surfing, but if you're serious about doing the assignments and re-selling the market, you can make a few dollars a day or more. Mimanika concludes ten cents.

List of best earners on their web site for starters in 2016:

♪ One of the new (vitrines of references) allows the profits of the owners of small-scale sites (from 10 unique visitors per day). They're taking sites on any domens and hosts. The intention of this partnership programme is to place references on its website that are not indexed by search engines. They are intended to move to advertisers ' sites (paid for accommodation) rather than for CEO. We need to register, list the number of references in the block, price for the link, set the code to our site. As you buy a reference to...

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