Catalogue Of Partnership Programmes For Info Products

Каталог сайтов | Сервис приема
партнёрки инфопродуктовThe catalogue contains the best partners with a description of the terms of cooperation, the amount of earnings and the payment order. I draw your attention to general recommendations for effective earning on partners, as well as to the distinctive characteristics of the partners represented in Catalogue. This will make them more productive.

The thematic identity of the info-product and the site where the product is advertised is a prerequisite for effective earning on partners. A section of the website could be a cross-cutting issue. It would be useful to recommend a video course on syto-starting on the resource for the tractors of “Belarus”.

A major factor in any partnership programme is the availability of prom courses, free video or books. It's like this: You're recommending free courses, not offering to buy something in the lobby. Agree that's not the same thing.

You have to voluntarily sign for free courses or books, one for mailing. He will then receive a series of letters offering free useful materials and paid info products. All the purchases you've made will be commissioned.

How does the attracted person “shall secure” for you? This is: e-mail of a subscriber, payroll requisitions, and mainly cukes (cookies) that remain in the user ' s browser and subsequently identify it on the partner website. Hence, an important indicator that characterizes the partnership programme is the length of the cuke storage. A good partner can have 365 days.

The next necessary parameter for a good partner is convenient statistics. It depends on the service used, it's even better if a self-writing crypt is used to work with partners. The first in Catalogue, by efficiency and technical capabilities, is the Evgeny Popov Partnership Programme. In her example, we can explain the working arrangements with partners and the opportunities they provide.

1. Evgeny Popov ' s Partner Program - learning videos on the topics: websites and Internet stores, web-based programming, coining and infusions. The Commission is between 30 per cent and 45 per cent. The four-tier program is 5 per cent, 3 per cent, 2 per cent of your partners buying the 2nd, 3rd and 4th levels. Cookie's 1 year.

The partner has a self-writing move, very convenient statistics and a lot of tools for success. Its working space is as follows:

With the potential of a partner, you can get a closer look at the programme itself, watching a separate video for each section of the program. I'll describe them briefly. On the front page of the partner account, you'll see your general stats, news and the rating of the most selling videos with an average conversion. It is possible to establish automatic payments of your earnings, 1 and 15 monthly on Webmoney and other payroll systems. No minimum withdrawal.

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