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Users are regularly looking for products on the Internet, and we are trying to help them find the right thing and the right Internet store. A structured nippet is an important factor in the selection of a shop in search results, which provides detailed information on the product. For example, the price transferred through partnerships Yandex. Marquet or Yandex. Webmaster. However, sometimes sites cannot participate in these programmes, so we have prepared a new, third way to create special merchandise software. To this end, the should be added on such pages.

Simple without semantic marking:

Semantic marks (price and description of the goods are shown):

What markings should be added to form a merchandise snipe can be found in our help. There are other types of partnership programmes that improve the presentation of the site in search-and-rescue.

Even if the site is already involved in a program to improve the Tovara and Price Snipes, Yandex. Webmaster or transfer data to Yandex. Marquet, you may also be involved in a partnership program to develop structured merchandise snipes through micro-smart. The above programmes are tantamount and, if used together, the snipe will be generated from the data transferred, which our algorithms consider to be of the highest quality.

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