Partnership Programme For Contingency Income

Partnership programme youtube
Какие партнерские программы

Dear partners, we recall that we have a constant competition, a best video on your subject, and we've updated it a little, and now it's gonna come down every week, and the winner gets 1,000 roubles on any wallet.

For those who haven't heard of him:

The essence of the competition is the following, you must take off the quality, interesting role,
The one that matches the subject of your channel is thin, if your subject is games, you're doing something about the game, if you're doing pranks, you're filming.
I mean, the usual private video of your channel, there's no restriction, full freedom, and only quality with creativity:

We're choosing the most interesting and qualitative role we're going to send, and we're putting it on our Cobby channel, your main channel will be listed in the description and annotations, as well as the video will move our specialists, and the winner of the competition will receive 1 per cent of the canal rate forever.

Now, let's do it again, just in order:

1. Take off an interesting and qualitative role.
2. Rolik shouldn't be on your canal, as well as on the clip, you have to say that this tape is made for loading the video to the canal, and you're making access to the link.
3. Send him to either the post office - the or the LS of ours. Vontact, marked by Video for the competition.

The winner receives:
. Free advertising from our network.

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