Partnership Programmes For Video Production

Our partner program for rights holders and sites
Лучшие партнерские программы

You're the law-holder or the creator of an interesting video content, you want to make it with Rutube?

We propose to participate in our programme income distribution from advertising

1. Video distribution is easy

Rutube's medicament is a media field of different topics that we are united in a single network to maximize the spread and coinization of your content. They all use the platform and the Rutube player. The coverage of Mediasseti is over 1,000,000 unique visitors per day.

3. Keeping and losing video is convenient.

If you have your own video content, but there's no technical capacity to show it on your website, download the rolls on Rutube. You'll save resources for the launch and maintenance of the video, because Rutube's partners are free. Besides, this kind of cooperation will make you more money.

Even if you don't have a website, but you have your own video content, download the rolls on Rutube. We'll show the content all over our Mediasset, and even in social media, wherever the Internet is, and you'll get the income from the ad.

Write it to us, tell us about your video content and give it a link.

Ours. Partnership Programme It's for those who want to show and earn video on their website.

We just need to add a few lines of the code to the respective pages. With the video, there's gonna be a commercial that we share with you.

Why are we the best?

1. The video is free.

2. All the clips are on Rutube servers and don't download your website.

3. We have over 7 million rods from all over the world, over 22,000 hours of license video.

4. You can put our license content on your website free of charge and a user video. Rutube has over 50 leading brands: Friday, 2x2, TV-3, Match TV and many others. In addition, we are an exclusive distributor of the TNT telecanal content on the Internet. We have a huge collection of programmes and channels in an excellent capacity, including premier issues.

5. Your user won't lose a lot of content. All videos are structured according to categories (e.g. Yumore, Quino, Music, Seriala) and we've collected a large collection of different thematic sets, you'll only have to choose the right one.

6. If you need a specialized video kit, please contact us, we'll make it special for you.

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