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Case: " Partnership work using relays
Партнерские программы для

Collection of traffic

First, we chose the CPA. There is, for example, a list of such networks in the form of a comparative table. After registration, a suitable partner was identified on the network. We've selected a partner in foreign language studies. The money here is paid to download the course from Ukraine.

Ten different tweets were prepared with text and a reference to the page of the course. The tweets were like, "You want to be a European? Learn English!

The Twidium Accounter programme established the " Reployment " project. In the designs of the project, a text file with the scouts we collected earlier with Parser's help, as well as a file with our tweets.

Switch statistics (tweets reference cells) were tracked through services. The same service has previously reduced the references to make the tweet compact.

It would be possible, of course, to experiment with the location of the reference in the tweet and the tweets to do more and varied. But as part of the experiment, that was not the task.

It was sent 50 to 200 reps a day. The experiment was nine days. Click statistics on reference:

The number of clickers from the Russian Federation appears to be significantly higher than from Ukraine. This will ultimately lead to a decrease in conversion. Here, we have a wide field for the long-range optimization and improvement of the packaging.

And here are the conversion statistics:

Apparently, the money started. It's clear that a lot of work has been done in an absurd way that didn't affect conversion. However, the main objective of the experiment has been achieved. Remelts can generate income from partnership programmes♪ But the income passive is that all routine actions are taken by Twidium Accounter.

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