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On this page, I want to introduce you to one of the best RA networks, and just to say, the SRA partner's aggregator that collects partners. Internet stores a variety of ways. This is Admitad. It was established in 2009 and officially launched in March 2010 and has since evolved rapidly and has gained a truly well-deserved reputation, both in webmasters and in advertising. To date, there are some 300 advertisers working with the Admitad, and there are many known and popular, such as Lamoda, MEXX, OTTO, Quelle, Snow Queen, Stonemarcket, MTS, Eldore and many others.
I'm not gonna write all the details and nuances now. Work on the Internet with this merchandise partner (detail instructions, teaching materials, video lessons and many useful things) is described in detail on the website of the Admitad. I will give only a few examples of my practice and experience with this service, which has really gathered and merged great partners of Internet stores.
First of all, I'll get my discounted earnings--

A great feature, in dealing with Admitade, is the simplicity and convenience of the system and the opportunities it offers to work. The mechanism is the same as that used by all commodity partners and the essence of the use, so-called reference (partner) references that lead the customer to the seller ' s website. These references, as you know, have a special end and are recorded in the user(s). These docks vary between sellers (offers) on average for about a month.
Your job is to put these references in a skilled manner so as to obtain the maximum number of crossings on them (i.e. visitors). And for that, Admitad provides a lot of opportunities, applications and other tools for successful work. It's the banners of all sizes, the possibility of creating their vans, ready product windows, all possible Lenings, discount pages, and a lot of other things!
Yeah, homework on the Internet can make a good profit on partner goods. By the way, most people working with partner links don't have their own websites at all, and yet they're going to be able to earn online with Admitad, for a while. SOTEN THIRTY rubles To the day! This is done by them through the so-called " traffic marble " , which is purchased most frequently in the Yandex Direqt, Advords, social and tether networks.
It's very interesting and useful information, it's about working with the Offers (treachery partners) Admitada and building their ads in Yandex Directe, I can e-mail you (that is, no pay), but first, register with the ADMITAD aggressor, and then write me a letter to my e-mail.
In the subject of the letter, please describe your logic with which you have registered an account in Admitad and the phrase, “Commodities - Admitad”.
For example:
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