Partnership Programme For Uninvestment Internet Revenue

Revenues on the Internet
партнерская программа

Partnership with LovePlanet - Internet earnings
No investment!

The " LovePlanet " partnership programme is a proven way to ensure that there is no investment on the Internet. It may be a member of any Russian-language Internet resource containing information not inconsistent with the legislation of the Russian Federation. If your website or annex has an audience of active users, Partnership Programme, you'll provide yourself with a steady, growing income. All it takes to do is put a link or a banner on its Internet resources, clicking on which the visitor will move to LovePlanet. This kind of work on the Internet can be done without investing or leaving the house.

Record and start earning today!

What does the internet make up with no investment?

Uninvestment earnings on the Internet or, as many people say, the Inet, in partnership with LovePlanet, are made up of several components. These include:

  • The commissions from the funds that visitors to the dating sites that were sent back were spent on paid services. For example, this could be a form for a privileged position. Our partner, without any investment, gets at least 50 per cent of the amount spent on the Internet for his work.
  • The money charged for each official registration on the LovePlanet site. The value of one validated questionnaire sent to you by the user can reach 38 roubles, depending on the rate chosen.
  • Ios users. Mobile dating applications are one of the most promising directions of the detting. We're willing to pay for your ios-users on favourable tariffs. So you can earn a large amount on the Internet, with no investment.

What are the benefits of online work?
free of investments with LovePlanet?

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