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Partnerships: mistakes of beginnings
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A very common source of income in the Network is earnings partnership programmes♪ Every day, new specialized affiliates sites are emerging, whereby vendor companies retrieve their goods, and advertisers earn their share of income. And everyone is happy, except naturally many newcomers in this field of business, who hope fast and easy to couch. Let's see some of the mistakes of starting a partnership.
Use of spam to promote partnerships.
(a) In most blogs, advertisements are prohibited and removed by a moderator. The same is true of forums, social networks, personal sites.
(b) In free non-modern forums, a large number of advertisements are available. It's a very low probability someone moves from spam messages.
(b) E-mail services can identify spams and automatically send spam messages to the relevant folder in such a way that most users do not read them.
The lack of a dedicated site.
If you're a newcomer in a partnership business, it's desirable to have a suitable site on a pay-as-you-go. Unfortunately, many are first registered in a partnership programme and only then do an ambulance site. It's almost zero.
Use of gray and black methods to promote advertisements, cloth.
These methods can only attract some traffic, but it is unlikely that it will be targeted, on the contrary, in most cases, such methods of advancement will result in time and money losses. As an example, the use of active advertisement systems that have little interest in the purchase of goods, services to be used to recruit.
The lack of a good theoretical base and an acceptable plan is an important omission of many newcomers in partnership. Of course, that is correct: there are many free books and courses on this subject.

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