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Congratulation programmes
Партнерская программа

ИванHello! My name is Ivan, I'm the creator of this site. This page will address the partnership of congratulates that have successfully worked for thousands of webmasters and how to earn on the greeting site.

For whom this information will be useful:

  • For webmasters who already have their website on the congratulations;
  • For starters who are going to build their resources and are interested in partnering for greeting sites;
  • For people who have their own thematic group on the social network;
  • Well, for everyone who's interested in information about how partner programmes Congratulations on the Internet.

Let's see briefly what voice congratulations are and how to earn:

Voice congratulations (another name is voice cards) are sound rolls that can be sent to a mobile or home phone. A man chooses an elevated postage, introduces the recipient ' s phone number and calls the recipient ' s phone at the specified time. A man picks up the phone and listens to what's said. That's the whole point. Quick and convenient.

Payment takes place by sending a text to that short number by the employer. You get paid for every voice card you sent. Partnerships depend on the sending country.

Whose people can work with partners?

There are no restrictions. The main condition is the availability of an electronic wallet of webmoney where your rewards will go. The partnership programmes described below have been successfully implemented by citizens of CIS countries and I, including.

Voicecards Partnership Programme (as part of Monetti Partnership Programme Centre)

It's the first partner on voice congratulations. I've been working with her for about four years. There's a good range of materials.

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