What Partnership Program You Choose For Youtube

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Если вы располагаете каналом

In this subject, I'll tell you how to make a living on Youtube, I'll tell you about the type of ads, the major mistakes of the beginning, and I'll answer the basic question, "What better to choose according to your content: Partnership Programme directly from Youtube through Adsense or a partnership program from the media network?"

So... ♪

Currently, 95 per cent of the videos and channels on the Youtube platform are coined and make good monthly profits to their owners. Someone's got more, someone's got less, but it's an average of $300-2000 a month. My channel is no exception. He's also coined. Below, in the violin of the Personal Cabinet of the media network Air, you can see my income.

Let's talk about how to correctly apply for access to the media network so that you can be accepted, and then we can discuss the ads on Youtube, and which one of them brings the greatest income, the types of partnership programmes and other forms of money on Youtube, apart from the commercial on your rolls.

Application for access to the Air media network
My partnership program.

I draw your attention to the fact that it's not a connection to the media network, but just an application! If your channel is approaching the parameters, you will be contacted through the mail you have indicated (mostly the mail on which Youtube is registered) and further instructions will be given to connect. If you don't want to get involved, you don't even have to refuse, because it's just a form of application, you just don't have to answer the letter.

Step 1

Switch. Application form You know, "Go to your Youtube account." In order to be comfortable with your work, it is desirable that you have an entry into it before that, so that the next page does not introduce logic and password from scratch, but then choose the right channel to connect.

Step 2

You're picking up the right channel from your list to connect. As you know, one mail address can create an endless number of channels.

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