Online Partnership Programme Loans

Multi-level online partnership programme
программе «Займы онлайн»

SuperLend is offering users a unique partnership program that any user can earn with us. It's only necessary to have a WebMoney wallet. any certificate and have a wish to make money.

The partner is paid:

  • for the registration of a new user with a personal or higher attribute0.15 WMZ);
  • for the first loan by the user (involved)0.9 WMZ);
  • Receipt of up to 16 per cent of the service ' s profits after each loan return to the user (see table below);
  • 3 per cent of the service profits after every return of the credit to the user that attracted your user, as stage 2 partner.

The percentage of your partnership pay depends on the number of active users that you used in your partnership link and can be up to 16 per cent of the service profits.

We also pay a partnership fee of 3 per cent of the service ' s profits for those users who have themselves become partners in your reference and have begun to attract their users.

Accruals are made on your office ' s internal account after the client has fully repaid the credit. The minimum amount for crediting earned funds is 0.01 WMZ, even if you earn less than that amount.

The user who went to the site on your partnership link is cookie. This makes it possible to secure a user by a partner, even if the user registers at the next door on our service, just open it in the browser.

Every new user who came through your reference and authorised for the service is standing for you forever!

7 per cent3 per cent
8 per cent
109 per cent
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